June 02, 2015 - Release Notes


* Added Mailbox.

* Added Revive Popup after losing battle.

* Added prologue story in the beginning of the game.

* Added Decoration Points feature.

* Added New Skill Unlocked popup after upgrading a hero.

* Changed city background music.

* Changed the Combat Lost popup.

* Changed the difficulties of some levels in Map 4 and Map 7.

* Changed the content of chests to make them more valuable.

* Updated Friends icon.

* Updated the order of friends in Friends Popup according to Honor Points.

* Updated Combat Screen;

    ** Fight button is updated.

    ** Added Auto Select to the screen.

    ** Changed the visual of EXIT section.

    ** Settings is moved to top right side of the gamescreen.

* Updated the tutorial according to new combat screen.

* Reduced Scroll costs for upgrading heroes.


Bug Fix

* Fixed the issue with Weaponsmith Capacity.

* Fixed the issue with Weaponsmith Capacity Warning Popup button.

* Fixed the issue with multiple combat arrows showing up at the same place.

* Fixed the issuw with combat lost popup appearing on a new level.

* Fixed visit infobox tweens.

* Fixed the issue with friends not showing up in the Friends List.

* Fixed the issue with Energy not adding while visiting friends.

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